FTARR02 PT100 type 5mm inner diameter cold pressing nose 2m Silica gel cable RTD temperature sensor

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FTARR02 PT100 type 5mm inner diameter cold pressing nose 2m Silica gel cable RTD temperature sensor
Price: US $6.36 / piece
Model number: FTARR02-PT100-D5S2
Product name: Temperature sensor
Hole diameter:
US $6.36
US $6.36
Cabel material:
Metal screeningSilica gel
US $6.36
Cable length:
US $6.36
US $11.49
Deliver to:
US $5.6via
Estimated Delivery Time: 9-15 days

Total price:US $11.96
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Product description
Model number and parameters
Model numberSame modelTypeMeasuring rangeOnline store: 
FTARR02-KK0-600 ℃US $2.34 - 4.81/ pieceOrder (7)
FTARR02-EE0-400 ℃US $2.34 - 4.81/ pieceOrder (7)
FTARR02-JJ0-400 ℃US $3.16 - 4.79/ pieceOrder (4)
FTARR02-PT100WZPT-020PT100Metal cable: -50-450℃; Silica gel cable: -50-180℃Visiting...
FTARR02-PT100 temperature sensor model number legend

Parent Model Number

Hole diameter
Model number FTARR02 series
Mounting form Ring
Accuracy K,E: ±0.4%t; PT100: ±(0.6℃+1%|t|), ±(0.3℃+0.5%|t|), ±(0.15℃+0.2%|t|)
Hole diameter Φ4, Φ5, Φ6
Current: Φ5
Cable material Metal screening
Cable length Standard is 2m, customer can select 1, 3 ,5 ,10m or specify the cable length
Current: 2m
Thermal response time Thermocouple: <5s; RTD: <12s
Insulating resistance 5MΩ min at 20℃, RH<80%
Technical article PT100 Platinum RTD temperature resistance list - 0.00385 coefficient
FTARR02-PT100 temperature sensor child models
No Model Number Hole Diameter Cabel Material Cable Length MOQ Unit Price Related Product
1 FTARR02-PT100-D5S2 Φ5 Silica gel 2m 1 US $6.36 Visiting...
2 FTARR02-PT100-D5S10 Φ5 Silica gel 10m 1 US $11.49 Order
3 FTARR02-PT100-D6M1 Φ6 Metal screening 1m 1 US $4.58 Order
4 FTARR02-PT100-D6M2 Φ6 Metal screening 2m 1 US $5.26 Order
5 FTARR02-PT100-D6M3 Φ6 Metal screening 3m 1 US $5.71 Order Unfold
6 FTARR02-PT100-D6M4 Φ6 Metal screening 4m 1 US $6.38 Order
7 FTARR02-PT100-D6M5 Φ6 Metal screening 5m 1 US $7.05 Order
8 FTARR02-PT100-D6S2 Φ6 Silica gel 2m 1 US $6.36 Order
9 FTARR02-PT100-D6S10 Φ6 Silica gel 10m 1 US $11.49 Order
Packaging Details
Product quantity: 1pc
Package weight: 0.08kg
Package size: 10 x 10 x 4 cm