FTARP04 series polish rod probe head RTD waterproof anticorrosive temperature sensor

Model number and parameters
Model numberTypeMeasuring rangeOnline store: 
FTARP04-PT100PT100-50-200 ℃US $3.74 - 12.05/ pieceOrder (16)
Model number FTARP04 series
Mounting form Polish rod probe
Accuracy A grade: ±(0.15℃+0.2%|t|); B grade: ±(0.3℃+0.5%|t|); 2B grade: ±(0.6℃+1%|t|)
Probe material Stainless steel
Probe diameter Default is 4mm, can make other
Probe length Default is 30mm, can make other
Cable material PTFE silver plated copper (Fit to anti water, anti corrosive and anti acid, can  resist 180℃)
Cable length Standard is 2m, customer can select 1, 3 ,5 or specify the cable length
Thermal response time <12s
Insulating resistance 20MΩ min
Technical article PT100 Platinum RTD temperature resistance list - 0.00385 coefficient