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BHT series heat shrink butt wire connector terminal

Model number and parameters (Unit: mm)
Model numberA.W.GA.W.G (mm2)BL2AL1ColorOnline store: 
BHT-0.526-240.25-0.51.3123.228YellowUS $0.04/ pieceOrder
BHT-1.2522-160.5-1.51.9154.838RedUS $0.04/ pieceOrder
BHT-216-141.5-2.52.4155.838BlueUS $0.05/ pieceOrder
BHT-5.512-104.0-6.03.6156.842YellowUS $0.06/ pieceOrder
Model number BHT series
Shrink ratio 3:1
Operating temperature -55℃ to 125℃
Min full shrinkable temperature 180℃
Start shrinkable temperature 80℃
IP Rating IP67
Conpliance RoHS
Pcs/bag 500
Usage method
1. Prepare the terminal and wires, peel off the wires sheath for about 10mm.
2. Insert the wire into the terminal.
3. Insert the other wire into the terminal's other side.
4. Clamp the middle with a crimping plier, keep the copper wire and the clamp in close contact.
5. After pressing, use a lighter or air gun to heat it to shrink the wire.