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SST series solder sleeve wire splices

Model number and parameters (Unit: mm)
Model numberA (min)L (min)B (min)B and C (max)C (max)A.W.GA.W.G (mm2)ColorOnline store: 
SST-S111.92611.90.7626-240.25-0.34WhiteUS $0.13/ pieceOrder
SST-S212.7401.42.71.222-180.5-1.0RedUS $0.15/ pieceOrder
SST-S314.5402.34.5216-141.5-2.5BlueUS $0.16/ pieceOrder
SST-S416403.763.412-104.0-6.0YellowUS $0.18/ pieceOrder
Model number SST series
Shrink ratio 2:1
Operating temperature -55℃ to 125℃
Min full shrinkable temperature 160℃
Start shrinkable temperature 80℃
Dielectric strength 1KV
IP Rating IP67
Solder melting temperature 138℃
Solder completely melt temperature 160℃