WRP-100 series R type platinum and rhodium thermocouple temperature sensors

Main child models
Price: US $47.85 - 76.48 / piece
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Product name: R thermocouple
Product description
Model number and parameters
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WRP-100S0-1600 ℃US $12.7 - 136.36/ pieceOrder (18)
WRP-100-BB0-1600 ℃US $97.31 - 230.91/ pieceOrder (2)
WRP-100-RR0-1600 ℃Visiting...
WRP-100-R R thermocouple model number legend
Model number WRP-100
Mounting form Probe
Accuracy 0.25%t
Sensor wire diameter 0.08-0.5mm, can be customized.
Probe material Corundum
Probe diameter Φ7-8mm
Probe length 80, 225, 300, 400, 450, 550, 650, 700, 1000mm, can be customized.
Thermal response time <150s
Insulating resistance 5MΩ at 20 ℃
Purpose Used to muffle furnace experimental furnace specially
WRP-100-R R thermocouple child models
No Model Number Sensor Wire Diameter Probe Length MOQ Unit Price
1 WRP-100-R-D0.2L150 0.2mm 150mm 1 US $47.85
2 WRP-100-R-D0.3L150 0.3mm 150mm 1 US $76.48