FTARB04-K series bolt thermocouple temperature sensors

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Price: US $1.84 / piece
Model number: FTARB04-K-M5P1
Product name: Thermocouple
Thread size:
Cabel material:
Cable length:
Product description
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FTARB04-KK0-260 ℃Visiting...
FTARB04-JJ0-260 ℃US $1.84 - 3.19/ pieceOrder (4)
FTARB04-K thermocouple model number legend

Parent Model Number

Thread size

-M5: M5

Cabel material

P: Plastic

Cable length

1: 1m

2: 2m

3: 3m

5: 5m
Model number FTARB04 series
Mounting form Bolt
Connection form Grounded
Accuracy K, J: ±0.75%t
Thread size M5
Cable material PTFE
Cable length Customer can select 1, 2, 3, 5m or specify the cable length
Thermal response time <0.5s
Insulating resistance 5MΩ min at 20℃, RH<80%
Purpose Special for 3D printer
Technical article PT100 Platinum RTD temperature resistance list - 0.00385 coefficient
FTARB04-K thermocouple child models
No Model Number Thread Size Cabel Material Cable Length MOQ Unit Price
1 FTARB04-K-M5P1 M5 Plastic 1m 1 US $1.84
2 FTARB04-K-M5P2 M5 Plastic 2m 1 US $2.18
3 FTARB04-K-M5P3 M5 Plastic 3m 1 US $2.52
4 FTARB04-K-M5P5 M5 Plastic 5m 1 US $3.19