LXW5 series micro switch

Model number and parameters
Model numberSame modelOperating leverOperating forceMatched foot switchOnline store: 
LXW5-11D1Short spring plunger2-3.8NUS $0.53 - 0.73/ pieceOrder (2)
LXW5-11G1Z-15GW2-BLong hinge roller lever0.35-0.85NUS $0.51 - 0.73/ pieceOrder (2)
LXW5-11G2Z-15GW22-BShort hinge roller lever0.8-1.6NLT4US $0.51 - 0.73/ pieceOrder (2)
LXW5-11G3Middle hinge roller lever0.4-0.9NUS $0.51 - 0.73/ pieceOrder (2)
LXW5-11N1Z-15GW-BHinge lever0.3-0.8NUS $0.51 - 0.73/ pieceOrder (2)
LXW5-11N2Short hinge lever0.5-1NUS $0.51 - 0.73/ pieceOrder (2)
LXW5-11MZ-15GQ-BPanel mount plunger2-3.8NUS $0.78 - 1.07/ pieceOrder (2)
LXW5-11Q1Z-15GQ22-BPanel mount roller plunger2-3.8NUS $0.78 - 1.07/ pieceOrder (2)
LXW5-11Q2Z-15GQ21-BPanel mount crossroller plunger2-3.8NUS $0.78 - 1.07/ pieceOrder (2)
Model number LXW5
Contact material Copper; Silver
Contact form 1NO+1NC
Action method Reset
Rated voltage (Ue) 380VAC, 220VDC
Rated thermal current (Ith) 10A
Contact resistance 30mΩ max (initial value)
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min at 500Vdc
Dielectric strength 1000Vac, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between terminals of the same polarity
2000Vac, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between current-carrying metal part and ground
2000Vac, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between each terminal and non-current-carrying metal part
Machine life 20x106 operations min
Electrical Life 5x105 operations min
IP Rating IP62
Operating temperature -25-80 ℃
Operating humidity 35 to 85% RH, no condensation
Alias name LXW5 series limit switch
LXW5-11D1 micro switch drawiing
LXW5-11G1 micro switch drawiing
LXW5-11G2 micro switch drawiing
LXW5-11G3 micro switch drawiing
LXW5-11N1 micro switch drawiing
LXW5-11N2 micro switch drawiing
LXW5-11M micro switch drawiing
LXW5-11Q1 micro switch drawiing
LXW5-11Q2 micro switch drawiing