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E5C2-R20K600-N220VAC general temperature controller with k (0-600℃) input type with range, without socket, 220VAC supply voltage

Product features
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E5C2-R relay output K intput 600℃ range general temperature controller
Price: US $6.21 / piece
Model number: E5C2-R20K600-N220VAC
Product name: General temperature controller
Output type:
Electromagnetic relay
Control model:
Input type and range:
K (0-400℃)
US $6.1
K (0-600℃)
US $6.21
K (0-200℃)
US $5.32
US $6.69
US $6.44
US $6.21
Supply voltage:
US $6.21
Deliver to:
US $270.91via
Estimated Delivery Time: 3-7 days

Total price:US $581.41
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Product description
External dimensions and Perforation dimensions
Model numberExternal dimensionsPerforation dimensionsOnline store: 
E5C248x48x100 mm44 10x44 10 mmVisiting...
E5C2 general temperature controller model number legend

Parent Model Number

Output type

-R: Electromagnetic relay

Control model

20: ON/OFF

Input type and range

K400: K (0-400℃)

K600: K (0-600℃)

K200: K (0-200℃)

P: PT100


-S: With

-N: Without

Supply voltage

220VAC: 220VAC

110VAC: 110VAC
Model number E5C2 series
Accuracy 1.5% of full scale
Supply voltage 110Vac, 220Vac, 50/60Hz
Current: 220VAC
Input type Thermocouple: K
Output type Electromagnetic relay, SSR
Current: Electromagnetic relay
Power consumption Less than 5 VA
Control method ON/OFF Control
Setting method Knob
Indication method LED indication
Alarms No alarm
Operating temperature 0 to 50 ℃ (32 to 122 ℉)
Operating humidity 85% RH max, non-condensing
Output type and description
Electromagnetic relay Contact rating: 3A at 250Vac
Solid state relay Contact rating can be selected, order separately (Single phase 40AThree phase 40A)
Input type and measuring range
K 0-400℃ (BoltPress springRingProbeArmor high temperature resistantSpecial thread waterproof probe)
E5C2 general temperature controller child models
No Model Number Output Type Control Model Input Type And Range Socket Supply Voltage MOQ Unit Price Related Product
1 E5C2-R20K400-S220VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF K (0-400℃) With 220VAC 1 US $6.33 Order
2 E5C2-R20K400-S110VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF K (0-400℃) With 110VAC 1 US $6.99 Order
3 E5C2-R20K400-N220VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF K (0-400℃) Without 220VAC 1 US $6.1 Order
4 E5C2-R20K400-N110VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF K (0-400℃) Without 110VAC 1 US $6.69 Order
5 E5C2-R20K600-S220VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF K (0-600℃) With 220VAC 50 US $6.44 Order Unfold
6 E5C2-R20K600-N220VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF K (0-600℃) Without 220VAC 50 US $6.21 Visiting...
7 E5C2-R20K200-S220VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF K (0-200℃) With 220VAC 1 US $5.54 Order
8 E5C2-R20K200-N220VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF K (0-200℃) Without 220VAC 1 US $5.32 Order
9 E5C2-R20P-S220VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF PT100 With 220VAC 1 US $6.99 Order
10 E5C2-R20P-N220VAC Electromagnetic relay ON/OFF PT100 Without 220VAC 1 US $6.69 Order
Packaging Details
Package weight: 15kg
Package size: 53 x 29 x 37 cm
Product quantity: 50pcs