FTARE03-K compensation wire

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Price: US $ / piece
Model number:
Product name: Compensation wire
Conductors quantity:
Single conductor cores quantity:
Core diameter:
Conductor insulating material:
Flat PTFETwisted pair PTFE
Cable length:
1m100m (1 roll)
Product description
Model number and parameters
Model numberTypeMeasuring rangeCore materialOnline store: 
FTARE03-KK-60-250℃Nickel chromium alloy / nickel silicon alloyVisiting...
FTARE03-JJ-60-250℃Iron / copper nickel alloyUS $24.6 - 51.64/ pieceOrder (2)
FTARE03-TT-60-250℃Copper / copper-nickel alloyUS $24.6 - 49.19/ pieceOrder (2)
FTARE03-K compensation wire model number legend

Parent Model Number

Conductors quantity

-C2: 2

Single conductor cores quantity

S1: 1

S7: 7

Core diameter

D0.2: 0.2mm

D0.3: 0.3mm

D0.5: 0.5mm

Conductor insulating material

F: Flat PTFE

T: Twisted pair PTFE

Cable length

1: 1m

100: 100m (1 roll)
Model number FTARE03
Cabel material PTFE
Cable length Standard is 1m, customer can specify the cable length
Conductors quantity 2
Conductor insulating material PTFE (Twisted pair, flat)
Single conductor cores quantity 1, 7
Core diameter 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm
Purpose Thermocouple temperature sensor extension wire or compensation wire cable for K J T type thermocouple
FTARE03-K compensation wire child models
No Model Number Conductors Quantity Single Conductor Cores Quantity Core Diameter Conductor Insulating Material Cable Length MOQ Unit Price
1 FTARE03-K-C2S1D0.3F100 2 1 0.3mm Flat PTFE 100m (1 roll) 1 US $24.6
2 FTARE03-K-C2S1D0.5F100 2 1 0.5mm Flat PTFE 100m (1 roll) 1 US $44.27
3 FTARE03-K-C2S7D0.2T100 2 7 0.2mm Twisted pair PTFE 100m (1 roll) 1 US $44.27
4 FTARE03-K-C2S7D0.3F100 2 7 0.3mm Flat PTFE 100m (1 roll) 1 US $73.78