DHC-100 series humidity controllers

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Price: US $33.69 / piece
Product name: Humidity controller
Product description
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DHC-10075x34.5x85 mm71 10x29 10 mmVisiting...
DHC-100 humidity controller model number legend

Parent Model Number

Supply voltage

-220VAC: 220VAC

-110VAC: 110VAC

-24V: 24VAC/DC

-12V: 12VAC/DC
Model number DHC-100+ series
Supply voltage 220Vac, 110Vac, 50/60Hz; 12Vac/dc, 24Vac/dc
Humidity measuring range 0%-99%RH
Humidity control range 10%-99%RH
Resolution 1%RH
Humidity accuracy 25℃: ±(5%RH+0.5digit)
10-40℃ 0%-59%RH: ±(6%RH+0.5digit)
10-40℃ 59%-99%RH: ±(8%RH+0.5digit)
Input types HTG3515CH temperature humidity sensor, length is 2m (include the probe)
Sensor Stability ±0.5%RH/year
Output types One SPDT electromagnetic relay
Relay contact rating 10A at 250VAC, Max.single phase load is 0.5HP/220VAC
Power consumption Less than 3W
Front panel IP rating IP54
Insulation resistance 500M ohm min
Withstand voltage 2KV 50Hz for 1min, no breakdown and flashover phenomenon
Vibration resistance (10-5-10) Hz, 2G, 3min vibration, work normal
Operating temperature 0 to 60 ℃
Operating humidity 20-85% RH max, non-condensing
Storage temperature -30 to 75 ℃
Product features 1. Humidification, dehumidification mode optional.
2. Adopt integrated circuit humidity sensor, with high sensitivity, fast response, good consistency and so on.
3. Keypad lock function.
4. After the humidity sensor fails, the controller can periodically turn on or off the control output according to the set time.
Alias name DHC-100+ hygrostat
DHC-100 humidity controller child models
No Model Number Supply Voltage MOQ Unit Price
1 DHC-100-220VAC 220VAC 1 US $33.69
2 DHC-100-110VAC 110VAC 1 US $33.69
3 DHC-100-24V 24VAC/DC 1 US $33.69
4 DHC-100-12V 12VAC/DC 1 US $33.69
HTG3515CH temperature humidity sensor specification