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10mm DS series push button with φ10 mm perforate dimensions

Model number and parameters
Model numberHead shapeAction methodContact formContact ratingColor codeOnline store: 
DS-211RoundSelf-lockON-OFF1A@250VACRGYAWBUS $0.14/ pieceOrder (6)
DS-213RoundReset(ON)-OFF1A@250VACRGYAWBUS $0.14/ pieceOrder (6)
DS-314RoundReset(ON)-OFF0.5A@125VACRGYAWBUS $0.11/ pieceOrder (6)
DS-315RoundResetON-(OFF)0.5A@125VACR, G US $0.31/ pieceOrder (2)
DS-316RoundReset(ON)-OFF0.5A@125VACRGYAWBUS $0.11/ pieceOrder (6)
DS-450RoundSelf-lockON-OFF1A@250VACR, G US $0.16/ pieceOrder (2)
DS-451RoundReset(ON)-OFF1A@250VACR, G US $0.14/ pieceOrder (2)
DS-461RoundReset(ON)-OFF2A@125VACR, G US $0.16/ pieceOrder (2)
Model number 10mm DS series
Mounting dimensions φ10
Contact resistance 50mΩ max
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min
Dielectric strength 1500Vac, 50Hz for 1min
Mechanical Life 2x105 cycles
Electrical life 5x104 cycles
IP degree IP40
Terminals 2 pin
Operation temperature -25 to 55℃
Operation humidity 45 to 85% RH, no-condensation
Alias name 10mm DS series push button switch, pushbutton
DS-211 push button drawing
DS-314 push button drawing
DS-316 push button drawing
DS-450 push button drawing
DS-461 push button drawing