GHG12-10A series dry reed tube magnetic proximity sensor

Operating form and model number
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Dry reed tube magnetismDC/AC two wiresGHG12-10AUS $3.01/ pieceOrder (2)
Model number GHG12-10A series
External dimensions Φ12x37
Detection distance 10mm
Supply voltage-magnetic DC/AC type: 0-240V (Don't distinguish positive and negative, can be used in AC or DC voltage)
Continuous load current 800mA (without work light), 100mA (with work light)
Sensing object Permanent magnet
Protection Reverse polarity protection/Surge suppressor
Dielectric strength 1500Vac, 1min (between charging part and housing)
Cable length 1.2m
Material Case: Brass-nickel plated; Sensing surface: ABS