CAM25-34GM series capacitive proximity sensor

Operating form and model number
Current typeOperating formContact formModel number
ACTwo wiresNOCAM25-34GM-A1
ACTwo wiresNCCAM25-34GM-A2
Model number CAM25-34GM series
External dimensions Φ34x82
Installation type Non-shielded
Detection distance 25mm±10%
Setting distance 0-22 mm
Supply voltage 12-24Vdc (6-36Vdc); 110-220Vac (36-250Vac), 50/60Hz
Rated output current N.P Type: 300mA max; D type: 200mA max; AC Type: 400mA
Standard detected object Iron SPCC (50x50x1mm)
Sensing object Metals/Non-metals
Response frequency 50Hz
Leakage current N.P Type: 13mA max; D type: 0.8mA max; A Type: 1.7mA max
Hysteresis 10% max. of sensing distance
Protection circuit DC: Reverse connection protection, Surge suppressor, Short-circuit protection
AC: Surge suppressor
Insulation resistance 50MΩ min (between charging part and housing)
Dielectric strength 1000Vac, 1min (between charging part and housing)
Temperature influence ±10% max. of sensing distance at 23℃ within temperature range of -25℃ to 60℃
±15% max. of sensing distance at 23℃ within temperature range of -30℃ to 65℃
Voltage influence ±10% max. of sensing distance in rated voltage range ±15%
IP Rating IP67
Material Case: ABS; Sensing surface: ABS