FTT05 series explosion-proof temperature transmitter

Model number and parameters
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Model number FTT05 series
Output 4-20mA, 0-10v, 0-5v
Input PT100 (single-wire resistance: ≤35Ω, three-wire system): BoltPress springProbePolish rod waterproofPolish rod waterproof anticorrosiveSpecial thread waterproof probe)
Measured range -20-60℃, -20-80℃, -25-300℃, -50-50℃, -50-100℃, -50-150℃, -50-200℃, 0-50℃, 0-100℃, 0-150℃, 0-200℃, 0-250℃, 0-300℃, 0-400℃, 0-500℃, 0-600℃
250Ω or 500Ω (4-20mA wire resistance<80Ω)
Excitation current ≤800uA
Accuracy ±0.2%FS 4-20MA;±0.5%FS 0-10v 0-5v
Temperature Coefficient Input 100℃ max:≤150ppm/KFS; Input 150℃ min:≤150ppm/KFS
Power supply 24VDC±10%
Power Supply Effect 104ppm/VFS
Protection Polarity protection, over-voltage protection
Output current limit 26mA
Housing material ABS/PA66 (UL94)
Mounting screws M4x2
Terminal screw M3x5
Weight 45g
Operating temperature -20-85 ℃
Operating Humidity 98% RH max, non-condensing
Working atmospheric pressure 80-110kPa
Storage temperature -40-105℃
Instructions 1. When 4-20mA output, the load resistance with 1% accuracy, 0.5-watt metal film resistors can meet the basic requirements. But need to be adjusted the transmitter's two potentiometers, because the resistance's error is larger.
2. Adjustment potentiometer instructions:
Left potentiometer: Zero potentiometer, clockwise -> increase, counterclockwise -> decrease.
Right potentiometer: AM potentiometer, clockwise -> decrease, counterclockwise -> increase.
Alias name FTT01 series temperature amplifier templifier
FTT05 series explosion-proof temperature transmitter