FTARA06 series connection boxes

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FTARA06 connection box model number legend

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-UW: Usual waterproof

-WS: With word Shanghai

-MJ: Medium copy Japan

-MC: Medium clamshell

-ME: Medium explosionproof

-SJ: Small copy Japan

-MS: Medium splashproof

-IE: Integration explosionproof

-DE: DIICT6 DIICT6 explosionproof

-NE: NEW explosionproof

Connect to probe thread

-M12P1: M12*1

-M16P1: M16*1

-M16P1.5: M16*1.5

-M20P1.5: M20*1.5

-M22P1: M22*1

-M22P1.5: M22*1.5

Out cable thread

-M20P1.5: M20*1.5
Model number FTARA06 series
Mounting form Armor
Connection form For probe
Thread size Thread for connecting to probe: M16*1.5; Thread for outing cable: M20*1.5.
Matched temperature sensor FTARP06WRP-100WRN-130WRN-230
Purpose Make the probe waterproof, splashproof, explosionproof
FTARA06 connection box child models
No Model Number Type Connect To Probe Thread Out Cable Thread MOQ Unit Price
1 FTARA06-UW-M16P1.5-M20P1.5 Usual waterproof M16*1.5 M20*1.5 1 US $1.69
2 FTARA06-UW-M20P1.5-M20P1.5 Usual waterproof M20*1.5 M20*1.5 1 US $2.18
3 FTARA06-WS-M16P1.5-M20P1.5 With word Shanghai M16*1.5 M20*1.5 1 US $2.97
4 FTARA06-MJ-M16P1-M20P1.5 Medium copy Japan M16*1 M20*1.5 1 US $3.19
5 FTARA06-MC-M16P1-M20P1.5 Medium clamshell M16*1 M20*1.5 1 US $4.54
6 FTARA06-ME-M16P1-M20P1.5 Medium explosionproof M16*1 M20*1.5 1 US $5.66
7 FTARA06-SJ-M12P1-M20P1.5 Small copy Japan M12*1 M20*1.5 1 US $2.97
8 FTARA06-MS-M16P1-M20P1.5 Medium splashproof M16*1 M20*1.5 1 US $5.21
9 FTARA06-IE-M22P1.5-M20P1.5 Integration explosionproof M22*1.5 M20*1.5 1 US $6.56
10 FTARA06-DE-M22P1-M20P1.5 DIICT6 DIICT6 explosionproof M22*1 M20*1.5 1 US $10.6
11 FTARA06-NE-M16P1-M20P1.5 NEW explosionproof M16*1 M20*1.5 1 US $7.46