CM1-613-4 flush mounting appliance inlet

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Model number:
Product name: Flush mounting appliance inlet
Product description
Model number and current matched connector
Model numberRated currentCable cross-sectionConnector
CM1-613-416A1-2.5 mm2CM1-213-4 connector
CM1-213L-4 cable sleeve connector
CM1-623-432A2.5-6 mm2CM1-223-4 connector
CM1-223L-4 cable sleeve connector
Earth contact position 4h
Pole 3
Voltage 110-130V~2P+E
Protection degree IP44
Enclosure material PA66
Model number and dimensions
Model numberabcdefg
CM1-613-456 mm56 mm70.5 mm70.5 mm45 mm23 mm42 mm
CM1-623-456 mm56 mm70.5 mm70.5 mm57 mm28 mm51 mm
Packaging Details
Product quantity: 1pc
Package weight: kg
Package size: x x cm