D5M series inverter

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Model number and parameters
Model numberInput voltagePower (KW)Drive capacity (KVA)Output current (A)Online store: 
D5M-0.4S2-1A1PH 220V 50Hz0.412.5US $80.86/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-0.75S2-1A1PH 220V 50Hz0.7525US $85.35/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-1.5S2-1A1PH 220V 50Hz1.52.87US $87.6/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-2.2S2-1A1PH 220V 50Hz2.24.411US $110.05/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-3.7S2-1A1PH 220V 50Hz3.76.817US $190.91/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-5.5S2-1A1PH 220V 50Hz5.51025
D5M-0.4T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz0.41.21.2US $98.82/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-0.75T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz0.752.22.7US $101.07/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-1.5T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz1.53.24US $98.6/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-2.2T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz2.245US $114.55/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-3.7T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz3.76.88.5US $168.45/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-5.5T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz5.51012.5US $190.91/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-7.5T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz7.51417.5US $247.05/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-11T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz111924US $404.27/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-15T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz152633US $539.02/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
D5M-18.5T4-1A3PH 380V 50Hz18.53240US $651.32/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
Model number D5M series
Control method V/F curve
Input voltage 380V±15%; 220V±15%
Rated output voltage three phase 0-input voltage 0-400Hz
Indication method 4-digital display and LED indication, display frequency, current, revolution speed, voltage, counter, temperature, reversible state, failure, etc.
Communication control RS-485
Vibration <0.5G
Operating temperature -10 to 40 ℃
Operating humidity 95% RH max, non-condensing
Alias name D5M series AC Driver, Frequency Converter
Frequency Control
Range Digital: 0.01%(-10 to 40 ℃); Analog: 0.1%(25±10 ℃)
Setting Resolution Digital: 0.01Hz; Analog: maximum operating frequency of 1%
Output Resolution 0.01Hz
Keyboard settings mode Can set by ← ▲ ▼
Analog setting mode External voltage 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA
Other function Can set frequency lower limit, starting frequency, stopping frequency separately
General control
Acceleration and deceleration time 4 segment time (0.1-6500s) optionally
V/F curve Can be arbitrarily set V/F curve
Torque Control Torque boost can be set to a maximum of 10.0%, starting torque at 1.0Hz can be up to 150%
Multi-function input terminal 6 programmable inputs, to achieve 8 segment speed control, program run, 4 segment acceleration and deceleration switching, UP, DOWN function, counter, external emergency stop etc.
Multi-function output terminal 1 programmable output; to achieve operation, zero speed, counter, external error, program operation and other instructions and alarm.
Other function Automatic voltage regulation (AVR), deceleration stop or free-stop, DC braking, automatic reset and restart, frequency tracking, PLC program control, traverse control, draft control, automatic energy-saving operation, the carrier is adjustable (up to 20KHz) and the like.
Protective function
Overload Protection Electronic relay protection motor drive (constant torque 150%/1min, Fans type 120%/1min).0.01%(-10 to 40 ℃); Analog: 0.1%(25±10 ℃)
FUSE protection FUSE broken, the motor stops
Overvoltage 220V: DC voltage>390V; 380V: DC voltage>800V
Low voltage 220V: DC voltage>200V; 380V: DC voltage>400V
Instantaneous stop and restart Frequency can restart by tracking mode after momentary stop
Stall prevention Can prevente stall in acceleration or deceleration operation
Output short circuit Electronic circuit protection
Other function Fin overheat protection, reverse limit, directly start when power on, fault reset, parameter lock etc.