200FZY series AC axial flow fan

Model number and main parameters
Model numberVoltage (VAC)Frequency (Hz)PhasePower (W)Current (A)Speed (RPM)Air flow (m3/min)Noise (dBA)Weight (kg)Capacitance (μF/V)BearingOnline store: 
200FZY1-D220501250.1512006.56022/450Ball bearing
200FZY2-D220501650.32300137021/450Ball bearingUS $11.38/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
200FZY3-D380503250.0812006.5602Ball bearing
200FZY4-D380503650.18230013702Ball bearingUS $11.6/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
200FZY5-D110501250.0812006.5602Ball bearing
200FZY6-D110501650.62300137024/250Ball bearing
200FZY7-D380501650.182300137021/630Ball bearingUS $11.82/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
200FZY12-D220503650.3230013702Ball bearing
Model number 200FZY series
External dimensions 200x210x71 mm
Motor type Three-phase / single-phase squirrel cage general motor
Leakage current 0.5mA
Dielectric strength 1500Vac 50Hz for 1 min
Protection degree IP54
Wind direction 2-D is only for exhausting, 4-D or 7-D can be changed the direction by exchanging any two wires
200FZY series AC axial flow fan drawing