SF12038AT-110-1 AC axial flow fan

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12038 AC 110V oil-retaining axial flow fan
Price: US $4 / piece
Model number: SF12038AT-110-1
Product name: AC axial flow fan
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Product description
Model number and main parameters
Model numberVoltage (VAC)Frequency (Hz)PhasePower (W)Current (A)Speed (RPM)Air flow (m3/min)Noise (dBA)Weight (kg)BearingOnline store: 
SF12038AT-110-111050/6010.262.3/2.746/490.55Oil-retaining bearingVisiting...
SF12038AT-110-211050/6010.262.3/2.746/490.55Ball bearingUS $4.87/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
SF12038AT-220-1220-24050/60123/210.142700/31002.68/3.2545/490.35Oil-retaining bearingUS $3.42/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
SF12038AT-220-2220-24050/60123/210.142700/31002.68/3.2545/490.35Ball bearingUS $4.18/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
SF12038AT-380-138050/60318/170.082600/29002.56/2.8542/450.55Oil-retaining bearingUS $4/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
SF12038AT-380-238050/60318/170.082600/29002.56/2.8542/450.55Ball bearingUS $4.87/ pieceOrderAdd to Cart
Model number SF12038AT series
External dimensions 120x120x38 mm
Frame High-grade aluminum alloy
Fan blades One-time forming by injection moulding, PBT + 30% glass line + VO grade flame retardant
Bearings High-precision, long life and low noise bearing
Insulation resistance 500MΩ min
Protection degree IP54
Connection Lead wire
Matched protective cover 120mm protective cover
Alias name 12038 AC radiator fan
12038 AC axial flow fan drawing
Packaging Details
Package weight: 0.55kg
Package size: 17.5 x 9.5 x 11.5 cm
Product quantity: 1pcs