LJ12A3-2 series cylinder inductive proximity sensor

Operating form and model number
Current type Operating form Contact form Connection form Model number Online store: Aliexpress
DC NPN NO Wire lead LJ12A3-2-Z/BX Order
DC NPN NC Wire lead LJ12A3-2-Z/AX Order
DC NPN NO+NC Wire lead LJ12A3-2-Z/CX Order
DC PNP NO Wire lead LJ12A3-2-Z/BY Order
DC PNP NC Wire lead LJ12A3-2-Z/AY Order
DC PNP NO+NC Wire lead LJ12A3-2-Z/CY Order
DC Two wires NO Wire lead LJ12A3-2-Z/EX Order
DC Two wires NC Wire lead LJ12A3-2-Z/DX Order
AC Two wires NO Wire lead LJ12A3-2-J/EZ Order
AC Two wires NC Wire lead LJ12A3-2-J/DZ Order
Model number LJ12A3-2 series
External dimensions M12x50
Installation type Shielded
Detection distance 2mm
Setting distance 0-1.6 mm
Supply voltage 6-36Vdc; 90-250Vac, 50/60Hz
Output current DC type: 300mA max; AC Type: 400mA
Standard detected object Mild steel (12x12x1mm)
Sensing object Magnetic metals (if it is not magnetic metals, the sensing distance would decrease)
Response frequency 500Hz
Matched mounting bracket M12 mounting bracket
Output indication Red LED
Short-circuit protection No
Reverse connection protection Yes
Insulation resistance 50MΩ min (between charging part and housing)
Dielectric strength 1000Vac, 1min (between charging part and housing)
IP Rating IP65
Operating temperature -25 to 70 ℃ (13 to 158 ℉)
Cable length 1.2m, PVC cable
Material Case: Brass-nickel plated; Sensing surface: ABS