Three phase motor positive inversion solid state relay module

Model number and parameters
Model number Load current Load voltage Online store: 
TSR-25DA-M 25A 24-480Vac US $29.03 / pieceOrder
TSR-40DA-M 40A 24-480Vac US $31.25 / pieceOrder
Suitable maximum load power
Load current (A) 25 40
380V inductive load power (KW) 1.4 2.2
Model number TSR-DA-M series
Rated input control voltage 10-30Vdc
Rated input control current 10-30mA
Input-ON indication LED
On-state leakage current 10mA max
On-state voltage drop at Imax 2V
Conversion time 300ms
Matched heat sink ≤40A: FHS-T40, ≤60A: FHS-T60, ≤80A: FHS-T80, ≤150A: FHS-T150
Matched thermal grease HZ-KS101
Dielectric strength 2500VAC 50/60Hz for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 1000 MΩ min at 500 VDC
External dimensions 105x74x33mm
Terminals Screw
Operational temperature -30 to 75℃
Operational humidity 95% max no condensation
Alias name TSR-DA-M series three phase motor positive inversion SSR module
Special for the motor which is clockwise running and reversed running frequently