JDM11 series digital counter

Model number and parameters
Model number Counting range Input signal Remark Online store: 
JDM11-6H-C 1-999999 Contact US $4.65 - 5.14 / pieceView (7)
JDM11-6H-V 1-999999 Voltage (level) The input voltage is same as supply voltage, if different, need to be customized US $4.93 / pieceView (4)
JDM11-6H-SN 1-999999 6-36VDC NPN sensor US $4.93 - 5.43 / pieceView (7)
JDM11-6H-SP 1-999999 6-36VDC PNP sensor US $5.43 / pieceView (7)
Model number JDM11 series
Supply voltage 12, 24Vdc; 12, 24, 36, 110, 220 or 380 Vac; 100-240VAC/DC
Operating mode UP counting
Input Signal Contact,voltage, sensor
Max. counting speed 30cps
No-power memory 10 years min
Power consumption 3VA max
Indication method 8-segment 4-digital display
Perforate dimensions 5110x26 10 mm
Counting error ≤1
Reset time ≥0.5s
Power reset ≥1s
Dielectric strength 2000Vac, 50/60Hz for 1min
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. at 500 VDC
Mounting Panel
Matched sensor NPN type: M8 2mm SnM12 4mm SnM18 8mm SnM18 2m Sn
M30 4m Sn
PNP type: M8 2mm SnM12 4mm SnM18 8mm SnM18 2m SnM30 4m Sn
Operating temperature -5 to 45 ℃
Operating humidity 30-85% RH max, non-condensing
Alias name JDM11 series counting relay, counter relay