FCT01 series digital counter grating meter, can select RS485

Model number and parameters
Model number Counting range Magnification Input signal External dimensions Perforate dimensions Online store: 
FCT01 -199999-999999 0.0001-9999 Contact, level, sensor 96x48x90mm 9210x44 10 mm US $21.53 - 42.87 / pieceView (8)
Model number FCT01 series
Supply voltage 85-265VAC/DC; 9-36VDC
Operating mode UP down counting, reversible counting, Identify phase counting (grating meter)
Output mode J1: terminals: 11 types
J2: terminals: 5 types
J3: 5 types
The counter can output DC12V/50mA for sensor
Input Signal Contact, level pluse(low: -30-0,8V, high: 4-30V), sensor (NPN, PNP type)
Max. counting speed 10KHz
Control form SPDT
Contact rating 3A@250Vac, 3A@24Vdc (3 relays, can select)
Communication Interface RS485 interface (Standard Modbus RTU protocol, not include PC software, provide protocol, need you write it yourself)
Mechanical life 1x106
Electrical life 1x105
Power consumption 3W max
Setting method Touch switch
Indication method 8-segment 6-digital display
Counting error ≤1
Reset time ≥0.05s
Power reset ≥1s
Dielectric strength 2000Vac, 50/60Hz for 1min
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. at 500 VDC
Matched sensor NPN type: M8 2mm SnM12 4mm SnM18 8mm SnM18 2m Sn
M30 4m Sn
Operating temperature -10 to 55 ℃
Operating humidity 30-85% RH max, non-condensing
Alias name ZN series time relay, counting relay, counter relay