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Time relay
• Time relay
• Time limit, ON-delay, ON-delay, operation with automatic resetting.
• Fits standard 8-pin sockets.
• Wide choice of supply voltages: 12, 24, 36, 48, 110, 220 or 380 Vac; 12 or 24 Vdc.
• Digital display or LED indication for power and output status.
• Large transparent setting knob.
Solid state relay
• Solid state relay
• Bidirectional silicon controlled rectifier output
• Optical isolation between input circuit and output circuit
• 2500V withstand voltage between input terminal and output terminal
Electromagnetic relay
• Electromagnetic relay
• Arc barrier equipped.
• High dielectric strength (1,500 VAC).
• Long service life assured by Silver alloy contacts.
• Can choose single or bifurcated contacts.
• Can choose LED indicator, diode protection or push-to-test button.
• Conforms CE standards
Floatless level relay
• Floatless level relay
• Fit to controll pump
• Counter
• Super antijam, high reliability, widely used in industrial automation control system
TIme switch
• TIme switch
Protection relay
• Protection relay
• For phase failure phase sequence protection
Relay socket
• Relay socket
• Fit to electromagnetic relay, time relay, solid state relay, floatless level relay
Heat sink
• Heat sink
• Fit to solid state relay
Relay accessories
• Relay accessories
• Time relay mounting accessories
• Resistance input SSR accessories