FTARP12 right angle probe head armor connection thermocouple temperature sensor

Model number and parameters
Model number Same model Type Measuring range Protection tube material
FTARP12-K-M201 WRN-530 K 0-800 ℃ 201 stainless steel
FTARP12-K-M316LC WRN-530 K 0-800 ℃, can be used in molten zinc 316L stainless steel + Corundum
FTARP12-K-C WRN-530 K 0-1300 ℃ Corundum
FTARP12-PT100 WZP-530 PT100 0-550 ℃
Model number FTARP12
Mounting form Armor
Probe material 201, 304, 2520, 316, 690 stainless steel, corundum
Probe diameter Φ16, can be customized.
Probe length 150*150mm, 250*250mm, 300*300mm, 400*400mm, 500*500mm, 750*750mm, 1000*1000mm , can be customized.
Sensor wire diameter K: 2mm, if high temperature, can make 3.2mm max.
Accuracy K: ±0.75%t; PT100: ±(0.3℃+0.5%|t|)
Thermal response time <150s
Purpose If the environment is with high temperature gas and harmful gas, it affect the connection box, can use this. or the place is not allowed horizontal or vertical installation