FTARP06 probe head armor connection thermocouple temperature sensor

Model number and parameters
Model number Same model Type Measuring range Probe length Online store: 
FTARP06-K WRN-122, WRN-132 K 0-1300 ℃ 100mm stainless steel tube US $6.44 - 18.91 / pieceView (6)
FTARP06-S WRP-130 S 0-1600 ℃ 150mm stainless steel tube 200mm corundum tube US $107.55 - 203.45 / pieceView (3)
FTARP06-B WRR-130 B 0-1800 ℃ 150mm stainless steel tube 200mm corundum tube
Model number FTARP06
Mounting form Armor
Probe material Stainless steel and corundum
Probe diameter Stainless steel tube: Φ22, corundum tube: Φ16
Probe length Stainless steel tube: 100, 150mm, definite; corundum tube: default is 200mm, can be customized.
Accuracy S: 0.25%|t| K: 0.75%|t|
Thermal response time <150s
Insulating resistance 5MΩ at 20 ℃