44L1 ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter, factor meter, power meter

External dimensions and parameters
Model number Type Range
44L1-A Ammeter 10mA, 20mA, 30mA, 50mA, 100mA, 200mA, 300mA, 500mA, 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 50A
44L1-A Ammeter 30/5A, 50/5A, 75/5A, 100/5A, 150/5A, 200/5A, 250/5A, 300/5A, 400/5A, 500/5A, 600/5A, 1K/5A, 1.5K/5A, 2K/5A
44L1-V Voltmeter 3V, 5V, 10V, 15V, 20V, 30V, 50V, 75V, 100V, 150V, 250V, 300V, 450V, 500V, 600V
Model number 44L1
Accuracy level 1.5 level and 2.5 level
External dimensions 100x80 mm
Perforation dimensions 70 10x60 10 mm
Matched current transformer BH-0.66-30
Resistance to mechanical forces Can withstand 30m/s2 wind; Impact frequency 80-120 times/min, 2h transport bumping
Dielectric strength 2KV 50Hz for 1min
Voltage affection The measured tolerance don't exceed base tolerance when the measured value changed 15%
Work position Vertical
Operating temperature -20 to 40 ℃ (-4 to 104 ℉)
Operating humidity 80% RH max, non-condensing