ZKD-6000 digital SCR voltage regulator

External dimensions and Perforation dimensions
Model number External dimensions Perforation dimensions Online store: 
ZKD-2A 72x72x120 mm 67 10x67 10 mm US $16.35 / pieceOrder
ZKD-3A 72x72x120 mm 67 10x67 10 mm US $16.35 / pieceOrder
Model number ZKD-6000 series
Supply voltage AC220V, 50Hz
Adjusted range 0-220V
Control output type ZKD-2A: Control 1pcs two-way controlled silicon
ZKD-3A: Control 2pcs single-way antiparallel controlled silicon or 1pcs SKKT
Main output Characteristic Stabilized voltage output
Setting method Touch switch
Indication method 8-segment 4-digital display
Operating temperature -5 to 40 ℃
Operating humidity 85% RH max, non-condensing
Alias name SCR voltage regulator, blow molding machine voltage regulator