Product catalog
Digital temperature controller
• Digital temperature controller
• IP66/NEMA 4X front panel
• 100 ms sampling
• Advanced PID, or fuzzy self-tuning
• Conforms CE standards
• Heat only or heat/cool control
• Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage, or Current Input
• Electromagnetic relay, solid state relay, current or voltage Output
• One main output and dual auxiliary outputs
General temperature controller
• General temperature controller
• IP66/NEMA 4X front panel
• 100 ms sampling
• Conforms CE standards
• Knob set
• LED indicate
Defrost temperature controller
• Defrost temperature controller
• ±1C accuracy
• 100 ms sampling
• Conforms CE standards
• Touch switch set
• Digital and LED indicate
Temperature transmitter
• Temperature transmitter
Humidity controller
• Humidity controller
• Widely used in cold storage and humidifier, dehumidifier, air humidity control equipment for humidity control, and also can be a relative humidity measurement and display equipment
Temperature humidity controller
• Temperature humidity controller
• Can used in incubator
• Four work models: increase temperature and increase humidity, increase temperature and decrease humidity, decrease temperature and increase humidity, decrease temperature and decrease humidity
• Can display measured real-time temperature and humidity
• Can connect increase temperature, decrease temperature, increase humidity, decrease humidity equipment according to the above work modes
• Thermometer
Thermocouple and RTD
• Thermocouple and RTD
• 0.5%FS accuracy
• Several head form
• 5s max Thermal response time
• B, E, J, K, N, S, T, WRe Thermocouple
• PT100, CU50, NTC RTD
• Conforms CE standards
Temperature humidity sensor
• Temperature humidity sensor
• Fit to temperature and humidity controller
Digital voltage regulator
• Digital voltage regulator
• Change the effective value of load wave
• Adjust output voltage by continuous slow regulating voltage
• Can be used in blow molding machine
pointer ammeter and voltmeter
• pointer ammeter and voltmeter
• Action theory: electromagnetism
• Accuracy: 1.5 level and 2.5 level
• Withstand bump
digital ammeter and voltmeter
• digital ammeter and voltmeter
• IP66 front panel
• 100ms sampling frequency