CM1-615, CM1-625 industrial flush mounting appliance inlet

Model number and current matched connector
Model number Rated current Cable cross-section Connector
CM1-615 16A 1-2.5 mm2 CM1-215 connector
CM1-215L cable sleeve connector
CM1-625 32A 2.5-6 mm2 CM1-225 connector
CM1-225L cable sleeve connector
Earth contact position 6h
Pole 5
Voltage 220-380V/240-415V~3P+N+E
Protection degree IP44
Enclosure material PA66
Model number and dimensions
Model number a b c d e f g
CM1-615 56 mm 56 mm 70.5 mm 70.5 mm 45 mm 23 mm 42 mm
CM1-625 56 mm 56 mm 70.5 mm 70.5 mm 57 mm 28 mm 51 mm